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Mohamed Aziz

Athlete’s age: 24

Competitive sport: Men´s Physique

Training background:
Mohamed has been playing soccer since early on, but has always been good at sports in general.Variety is something that he preaches when it comes to training, and that’s been his way of exercising throughout life. He found his way to the weights and to the gym six years ago, and has been working really hard since then.

Blogs in: Swedish

Competition plans: European Championships ´17


Top Competition Results

  • 6th, Junior Swedish Championships 2014
  • 2nd, Swedish Championships 2016
  • 1st, Nordic Championships 2016 + overall


Athlete’s strengths

Mohamed is always striving towards a physique that is as all around and athletic as possible. He is mixing bodybuilding, weightlifting, crossfit and powerlifting to really get out of his comfort zone and always improve in his training.


Height (cm)

Competition Weight (kg)

Off season Weight (kg)

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