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När motivationen inte finns, hur gör jag då?

Detta inlägget tänkte jag skulle handla om hur jag gör för att hålla igång min träning när motivationen tryter.Det händer nog utan tvekan oss alla under vissa dagar eller perioder. Det i kombination med hur jag anser att man ska tänka när man sätter sina träningsmål....

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Kristin Winnegård

Athlete’s age: 30 years

Competitive sport: Figure

Competition plans for 2017: Coming soon

Training background:
Kristin has competed in figure skating at the elite level as a junior and also played soccer on a high level. The last seven years she has been training yoga and been on the gym for classes and liftings weights, But the last 3 years has been more focused on building a physique to compete.

Blogs in: Swedish/English


Top Competition Results

  • 2nd place, Bikini Fitness, Luciapokalen 2014
  • 2nd place, Bikini Fitness, Loaded Cup 2015
  • 1st place, Bikini Fitness, Tyngre Classic 1 2015
  • 6th place, Bikini Fitness, Swedish Championships 2015
  • 4th place, Bikini Fitness, Tyngre Classic 3 2015
  • 6th place, Bikini Fitness, Swedish Nationals 2016
  • 3rd place, Figure/Body Fitness, Tyngre Classic 4

Athlete’s strengths

Kristin always sets her goals high and never gives up until she reaches them.

Kristin is a purposeful athlete that loves to challenge herself, both physically and mentally. Her life has always included sports, training and health which she has an advantage of during her competition preperations and every day life.


Height (cm)

Competition Weight (kg)

Off season Weight (kg)


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