”Passion comes through your heart and we put our hearts in everything that we do.”

Team Golden Physique

We felt that we wanted to create a competitive team, within the ifbb, and find other athletes with the same passion for training, health and challenges that we have.

A team that not only competes with their physiques, but also inspires and motivates others with their passion for a healthy lifestyle. Thats why we started Team Golden Physique in december 2015 and we haven’t regretted it once. We created a forum for us to only focus on what we love about fitness, the hard training as well as the lifestyle that goes with it. Our hope was to find inspiring and hard working athletes, with years of sports or training experience, to share our own journey with as well as share our teams journey with you.

We hope to motivate and inspire you to a healthy and active lifestyle as well as take you with us through the journey when we prepare for stage. This is our first year as a team and we are so proud for the athletes and fantastic individuals that represent us.

/ Kristin & Sam